We are a company that is passionate about art and the motivation it can bring into your daily life. However, we are dedicated to other causes, as well—that’s why DazArt is excited to collaborate with Just One Tree, a non-profit initiative committed to removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere through reforestation across the world.

The Importance and Benefits Of Planting Trees

What exactly do trees do, and why are they so important? Trees essentially help absorb pollutants that humans put into the atmosphere. Their benefits are endless, so let’s get into some of them.

  • They filter our water. Trees catch rainwater with their limbs and leaves—water slowly makes its way down the trunk and into the earth, where the roots absorb pollutants. This process slows down the absorption of water into the ground, which has many residual benefits, including preventing over saturation, flooding, and preventing storm-water from carrying pollutants into the ocean.
  • They clean the air. You can think of trees as the lungs of our planet—they help remove harmful elements including nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. By filtering out these pollutants, they make the atmosphere healthier for us to breathe in. In fact, just one mature tree can produce the amount of oxygen in one season for ten people to breathe for a year.
  • They support biodiversity and house complex ecosystems. There are many, many creatures living in trees, making them valuable for biodiversity. In a tropical rain-forest, for example, one tree can house nearly 2000 species of insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fungi, and mosses, which also has residual benefits in the broader ecosystem.
  • They help our land. Yet another benefit of trees is that they absorb dangerous chemicals and harmful pollutants in the soil—they can then either store these elements or turn them into something less harmful. Additionally, roots that reach really far help hold the soil, essentially binding it together to help prevent erosion. An example of this is mangroves along the coastline, preventing it from washing into the ocean.
  • They create a positive social impact. We use trees for timber, to provide heat for survival and cooking, and use them to enrich the soil for farming for food production. Additionally, 1.6 billion people globally make an income working with trees in some way. There is no doubt that trees supports social impact.

How DazArt is Contributing to the Cause

We know these overarching climate issues affect us all. But, how does reforestation relate specifically to art, you might be wondering? As we mentioned, DazArt is collaborating with Just One Tree. This partnership takes the form of an ongoing donation: for every single sale, DazArt will donate a portion of the profits to plant a tree via Just One Tree.

So, by buying from DazArt, you can have a small role in reforestation efforts, combating climate change, and supporting biodiversity. With so many places to buy art, you can use these sorts of initiatives to make your purchase go the furthest—that’s why we are proud to have your support so we can help plant trees across the globe.


Why Do We Need to Plant Trees?

A big reason we need to plant more trees is to combat climate change, and a big part of doing that is to reduce carbon emissions. That’s where trees come in. We need to replenish trees on our planet to keep global warming to less than 1.5–2 degrees. In fact, we need to reach net-negative emissions to do so. A huge way we can do this—maybe the most effective way—is by planting trees.

Here is a statistic from Just One Tree’s website that illustrates the urgency of the issue:

“Even still, the tropics lost 12.2 million hectares of tree cover in 2020. ​4.2 million hectares of that were primary rain-forests - that's an area the size of the Netherlands.” And that is just a portion of recently lost trees—and with that loss comes extremely decreased effectiveness in combating climate change.

Another big aspect of planting trees is socio-economic impacts. We mentioned it above, but there is a relationship to the health of many communities, and in fact, it is one way to combat severe poverty. How? Because there are many people who rely directly on the ecosystem for survival—to make money, some communities are forced to chop down trees in their own ecosystem for a quick solution. This has a bad impact on the environment and does not provide a long-term fix to poverty. More agricultural education, training, and sustainable incomes can be implemented into impoverished communities by planting trees.

How Can You Help?

Reading about climate change can be overwhelming. How can you, as a human individual, help combat it? There are actually many choices you can make every day. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Support eco-conscience businesses. When purchasing everyday goods, look up ways to support businesses like DazArt that do things such as helping to plant trees. Companies that support environmental causes will list them on their website, and you can also follow up with them if you want more information.
  • Donate tree-planting charities. If you’re looking for somewhere to contribute money to, there are a variety of charities devoted to these sorts of causes.
  • Protect existing trees. This might not be applicable to every single person reading this, but if you live on a property where you have trees, do your part in protecting them. Try not to cut them down for landscaping, and pay attention to their health over the years.
  • Go outside and plant a tree! So, there’s a lot of ways you can monetarily contribute to this cause, but what about going outside and just planting a tree yourself? Make sure to pick a species that will thrive in your area, and tend to it as it grows. There are often events that have tree-planting days, such as on Earth Day if you want to do it with others.
  • Share on social media. If you do any of the above, share your experience on social media. While this doesn’t necessarily make an immediate impact, you can do things like adding any links to businesses or charities that you support, or any events you’re going to, to help spread the message.


We hope this gives you a helpful overview of the why planting trees is so important and what we all can do to help. If you’re looking to support this cause by purchasing one of our prints, you can browse our website for abstract, animals, minimalist, and motivational artworks to add to your interior space.